Successful meetings

At Marbella Business Weekend, companies are given a unique opportunity to be marketed in an exclusive sport and entertainment environment with strong customers and large media interest. This strengthens the company’s image through the meetings and exposure areas the event offers.

Which partnership suits you best?

We offer different types of cooperation, from official supplier to tour partner, with great opportunities to tailor your visit for as mutual, optimal and rewarding exchange as possible.

Examples of partners in 2022 are Puente Romano, Marbella Club Golf Resort, BoHo Club, Marbella Sports & Padel Club, Golf Service, Big Travel, Supper Club and others.

Runway host and hole host

You’ll have your own exhibition space at the clubhouse where check-in, lunch, training and competition take place. It is up to you to frame the hosting to suit your profile, for example using flags, signs and/or gifts. If you wish, we can help you with tips and ideas.

Links to product sheets

Padel – Court host
Golf – Hole Host

Partner structure

Title / main / part / media and range partners, official supplier, runway partner and banquet partner.

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“We can offer unique arrangements with that little extra”


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